Science of Coagulation

Blood coagulation is an important part of the host defense mechanism required for repair and maintenance of the circulatory system. This complex and multifactorial process has been described to contain two parallel but distinct pathways; hemostasis and thrombosis.

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Why Factor XIa?

Factor XIa is a clinically-validated target for the prevention of thrombosis by selectively inhibiting the activation of the intrinsic (contact) pathway, without impacting normal hemostasis (bleeding) through the extrinsic pathway.

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About EP-7041

  • eXIthera’s lead IV candidate EP-7041 is a novel, potent and selective small-molecule Factor XIa inhibitor
  • Completed Phase 1 demonstrating safety, tolerability and ideal clinical PK profile with validated efficacy marker aPTT
  • Established that effective anticoagulation is achievable with a small molecule therapeutic without the danger of increased bleeding risk or the need for a reversal agent
  • Preventing major bleeding events saves lives and will significantly reduce healthcare costs


Dr. Neil Hayward, co-founder, President, and CEO at eXIthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., discusses the need for a new anti-thrombotic drug and how eXIthera is addressing that need with their lead product candidate EP-7041.  The next step for EP-7041 is Phase 2 clinical trials on cardiac surgery patients.
Technology Networks recently spoke with Dr Neil Hayward Ph.D., CEO at eXIthera Pharmaceuticals to learn more about the role of the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways, and how they are exploiting coagulation mechanisms to develop antithrombotic therapeutics.