The name of this company, eXIthera, refers to its therapeutic aim, inhibiting Factor XIa, a new target that may offer a way to avoid the bleeding problems with current anticoagulants. Its lead drug, an injectable coded EP-7041, has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial in healthy human subjects and moved to a program in cardiac […]
Every emerging biopharmaceutical company has an interesting story that describes how they overcame major startup challenges, including study design, funding, and drug targeting strategies. eXIthera is developing a small molecule, EP-7041, to control the blood-clotting pathway and enable healthy blood flow without the concerns of adverse clotting or major bleeding via selective inhibition of Factor […]
Dr. Kurz joins eXIthera as the Vice President of Translational Medicine and Medical Affairs   Westborough, Mass., June 25, 2019 – eXIthera Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on addressing bleeding complications through the inhibition of Factor XIa, today announced the appointment of Michael Kurz, Ph.D., to the company’s leadership team. Dr. Kurz will join […]
eXIthera is doing big things with small molecules. This clinical-stage biotech company is developing therapies to maintain the balance between healthy blood flow and clotting, specifically during heart surgery. In today’s Cutting Edge Cast, eXIthera CEO Neil Hayward, Ph.D., explains why this therapy is critical for patients.


Phase 1a/1b Study of EP-7041: A Novel, Potent, Selective, Small Molecule FXIa Inhibitor

Phase 1 results suggest the PK/PD profile of EP-7041 is ideal in acute care hospital settings where patients are at risk of thromboembolic events.

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